Boxes & Fittings – Made-to-measure

Our extensive range of versatile machinery and equipment, coupled with our skilled, dedicated production team allows us to manufacture bespoke corrugated cases to suit any requirement.

We can cater for an almost unlimited range of sizes, styles and quantities in different material strengths, often without the need for upfront tooling charges. Cartons can be run on our rotary machines, or can be die-cut. They can be plain or custom printed and we can work with you to design a packaging solution that meets your specific requirements each and every time.

So whether it is a single carton or 100,000 cartons you need, we’ll help you to strike the right balance between great quality and a competitive price.

If quick turnaround is important, we hold large quantities of sheet board here onsite. This allows us to manufacture same day and next day without the need to wait for board deliveries from outside board mills.

Other Cardboard Products

In addition to bespoke cartons we also manufacture a wide range of other corrugated packaging products.

Internal division sets, bespoke fittings, pads and inserts can enable your products to travel securely within their carton, limiting the chance of breakages.

Corrugated paper rolls can be used to wrap individual items or to protect large areas cost-efficiently and in an environmentally friendly way.

We manufacture and stock a number of corrugated and solid-board pallet protection products such as flat sheets, pallet bottoms/ layer pads/ pallet covers, edge protectors and corner protectors all of which increase the security of your goods during transit.