Stock Boxes

Paper/Printer’s Sizes (in various depths)

A4 – 305 x 230 x 152/230mm
A3 – 432 x 305 x 128mm

Document Storage & Archive Boxes

Small Archive – 417 x 315 x 255mm
Large Archive – 450 x 375 x 255mm

New Removal/Pallet-Nesting Sizes

Aqua – 480 x 380 x 314mm
H/H – 610 x 370 x 485mm
Wardrobe – 508 x 457 x 1016mm

General/Retail Sizes

4 x 5lt – 372 x 272 x 284mm
BDCM 1 – 594 x 294 x 387mm
Book – 380 x 320 x 320mm

Postal Tubes

100 x 100 x 1040mm

Pallet Cartons

Euro O/T – 1200 x 780 x 680mm
Euro O/T – 1200 x 780 x 1360mm
Standard – 1200 x 1000 x 600mm
Standard O/T – 1200 x 1000 x 1360mm

Redundant Stocks – NEW

Are you flexible when it comes to the exact size/ board grade/ colour/ print of the carton you need?

Would you like to make some substantial savings on your packaging costs?

We hold a vast range of new and once-used redundant stock cartons at fantastic prices for those who can adapt their requirements and take a ready-made box off-the-shelf.

Many of our most environmentally-friendly customers love choosing from our range of redundant boxes to aid them in their pursuit of the greenest approach they can take to their packaging.

We have new stock arriving daily, so please let us know your ideal size and we can advise you of the closest options available.

Once-used cartons offer a fantastic solution for some customers. They can fit the bill for protecting a product whilst respecting the environment and going easy on the pocket! See a sample of some of our most popular once-used cartons below. Again, stocks come and go daily, so please enquire.

Redundant Stocks – USED

Waste prices can fluctuate dramatically and many companies find themselves having to pay to have redundant cardboard products taken away. Please contact us if you have a redundant stock (either new or used) and we can discuss options on clearing your unwanted cardboard packaging